Get passive income by investing in Dukley properties starting at €1,000

Become a co-owner and co-investor of rental properties and earn 6-28% annual income.
Starting at €1,000
Equity investing allows hundreds of investors to become co-owners of a single property with an initial investment starting at just €1,000.
You earn while we manage
You won't have to deal with facilities management. Dukley handles everything for you, and you receive a stable 100% passive income from your investment.
Flexible exit
Sell your ownership shares on our website with just a few clicks and effortlessly retrieve your investments.

Now, you can buy a share in Dukley real estate and get passive income from rent or resale in proportion to your investments.

Find out how equity investing in rental properties works.

Our investors get two types of real estate income:

Stable rental income
from 6% annually
Receive a reliable passive income from your ownership share in a ready-to-rent apartment expertly managed by Dukley.
Resale income
from 20% annually
Invest during the project's construction phase and effortlessly earn income by selling your ownership share with just a few clicks.

Properties for investing

Dukley Gardens | Villa 5 S2
€ 840,000
Minimum investment
€ 1,000
Total return
from 16%
Rental Return Annual
from 6%
Property Appreciation Annual
from 10%
Dukley Gardens, also known as Dukley Hotel & Resort 5*, is a distinguished complex of luxury residences situated on the Zavala Peninsula, nestled in the heart of the vibrant Budva Riviera in Montenegro. This exclusive property graces the shores of the Adriatic Sea and stands as one of the preeminent elite resorts within the Mediterranean region. The Dukley Resort represents a multifaceted endeavor, providing opportunities for both renting and owning these lavish residences.
Completion of construction
Q4 2024
Mountain retreat | Villa 4 a3
€ 340,000
Construction in progress
Minimum investment
€ 1,000
Total return
from 28%
Rental Return Annual
from 8%
Property Appreciation Annual
from 20%
Mountain Retreat by Dukley is a premium-class complex featuring ten chalets. It is strategically located in the northern region of Montenegro, approximately 1200 meters above sea level, at the base of Mount Bjelasica.  This gorgeous retreat is gracefully positioned between the town of Kolašin and the renowned ski center "Kolašin 1450." It is an ideal choice for year-round living and investment purposes, seamlessly merging high-quality construction with the outstanding service standards of the Dukley brand.

We've been trusted for over 12 years

Since 2010
We build and manage properties in Montenegro
60,000 m² already built
And over 10,000 square meters of premium residential and vacation properties are currently under construction.
We manage
Over 50,000 square meters of premium real estate within 3 luxury real estate properties.

We build and manage premium lifestyle and vacation properties

Dukley Gardens
One of the best luxury resorts in the Mediterranean region on the first coastline of the Adriatic Sea. The complex has 36 villas and 202 amenity apartments.
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Dukley Residences
Luxury apartments are equipped with smart home systems, and interior design is made by the highest European standards.
Hotel Harmonia
A stylish 4-star hotel featuring 45 apartments conveniently situated on the Zavala Peninsula within walking distance of the Budva Center, shops, the Old Town, and its vibrant nightlife.
Mountain Retreat
An exceptional, premium complex currently under construction, featuring ten chalets in the picturesque mountains of northern Montenegro. These chalets are distinguished by their exceptional construction quality and the use of top-notch finishing materials.
The Dreams
An exquisite residential complex, currently under construction, situated in the vibrant town of Tivat within the renowned marina of Porto Montenegro. Tivat is widely regarded as one of Montenegro's most alluring destinations, perfect for both permanent residence and vacation.

Earn passive income in 4 just steps

Sign up and verify your identity
Pick a property for investment
Fund your account with EUR, USD, or cryptocurrency
Purchase property fractions, starting at just €1,000
When you purchase property shares, you become a co-owner and receive passive income from rent and resale, proportional to the number of shares you hold.
6%–28% Annual Return
We offer investment opportunities in completed or under-construction properties, with expected annual yields of 6%-28%.
Comprehensive Property Management
Dukley takes care of all property registration and management. The entire investment process is conducted online, and you receive your share of income through your electronic dashboard.
Secure Ownership through Legal Framework
Your ownership is fully protected by the law, making you a legitimate co-owner of the property.
Flexible exit at any time
You can sell your shares anytime on our website and easily retrieve your investment with just a few clicks.

Why invest in Montenegro real estate?

…NOT in Dubai, Turkey or North Cyprus
Appealing tourist market
Montenegro, especially its coastline, lures tourists with its exquisite beaches, scenic landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Over the past year, tourist traffic has increased by 52% to reach 2.4 million visitors annually.
Montenegro: NATO member and EU candidate
Montenegro's EU membership is imminent, presenting a unique window for investors. Real estate prices are expected to rise post-EU accession.
Growing real estate market
In the south of Montenegro, the rental real estate market has surged by 80-100% in the last year. Seizing this moment offers promising future returns.
European property ownership principles
All real estate contracts are notarized, and properties are registered in the central cadastre. Online property verification is available anytime, and there's no leasehold system.
Mild climate all year
Montenegro is known for its mild Mediterranean climate, and the Adriatic Sea is renowned for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.
Political stability and security
Montenegro maintains political stability with transparent legislation safeguarding property rights and investor interests.
Residence permit programs
Simplified and affordable residence permit programs make Montenegro one of the most attractive destinations for immigration.
Moderate real estate prices
Compared to other European countries, real estate prices in southern Montenegro remain reasonably moderate, offering affordable property ownership opportunities.
Create a passive income source in 4 steps. Dukley will take care of the rest
Leave an application form and receive a presentation of our investment properties
We will conveniently contact you to answer your questions
Register on the platform and make an investment
After the property has been rented out, you will receive a stable passive income of 6% per year and investment income from resale at 20%


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